Converting FLAC to AAC (or MP3 to OGG etc...)


This post is certainly obsolete...

  • installation on MacOsX Lion (with homebrew) :

    brew install libcdio
    brew install lame two-lame mpg123 mp3gain
    brew install libogg libvorbis     vorbis-tools  vorbisgain
    brew install faac faad2
    git clone git://  audio-tools
    cd audio-tools
    make install
  • using it:

    track2track  -t aiff *.flac #lossless
    track2track  -q 0 -t m4a *.ogg #lossy
  • and on a whole folder, placing the files in the same directory:

    find a_folder/with/lots_of_flac -name *flac -exec sh -c 'echo "Processing $0"; track2track -t aiff  "$0" -o "${0%.flac}.aiff"' {} \;
    find a_folder/with/lots_of_ogg -name *ogg -exec sh -c 'echo "Processing $0"; track2track -t m4a  "$0" -o "${0%.flac}.m4a"' {} \;
  • tried as a formula in homebrew: but closed it.