latex within moinmoin

  • installation d'après

  • pour s'adapter à ma distribution pdflatex, j'ai changé

    1 # last arg must have %s in it!
    2 latex_args = ("--interaction=nonstopmode -output-format dvi", "%s.tex")

    dans le parser sudo open -e  ~/WebSites/moin/data/plugin/parser/


This post is certainly obsolete...


This is a red square:


\savebox{\mysquare}{\textcolor{red}{\rule{1in}{1in} } }


% Math-mode symbol & verbatim
\def\W#1#2{$#1{#2}$ &\tt\string#1\string{#2\string}}
\def\X#1{$#1$ &\tt\string#1}
\def\Y#1{$\big#1$ &\tt\string#1}

% A non-floating table environment.

% All the tables are \label'ed in case this document ever gets some
% explanatory text written, however there are no \refs as yet. To save
% LaTeX-ing the file twice we go:

\X\alpha        &\X\theta       &\X o           &\X\tau         \\
\X\beta         &\X\vartheta    &\X\pi          &\X\upsilon     \\
\X\gamma        &\X\gamma       &\X\varpi       &\X\phi         \\
\X\delta        &\X\kappa       &\X\rho         &\X\varphi      \\
\X\epsilon      &\X\lambda      &\X\varrho      &\X\chi         \\
\X\varepsilon   &\X\mu          &\X\sigma       &\X\psi         \\
\X\zeta         &\X\nu          &\X\varsigma    &\X\omega       \\
\X\eta          &\X\xi                                          \\
\X\Gamma        &\X\Lambda      &\X\Sigma       &\X\Psi         \\
\X\Delta        &\X\Xi          &\X\Upsilon     &\X\Omega       \\
\X\Theta        &\X\Pi          &\X\Phi
\caption{Greek Letters}\label{greek}


x^3 =\int_{0}^{\infty} f(x,y) dy
  • et encore

    $$x^3 =\int_{0}^{\infty} f(x,y) dy + c$$


Because people requested an easier way to enter latex, I've added the possibility to write $ ... $ to obtain inline formulas. This is equivalent to writing \$ ...\$ and has the same single-line limitation (but everything else isn't really useful in formulas anyway). In order to do this, install the inline\ parser add #format inline\_latex to your page (alternatively, configure the default parser to be ``inline\_latex). This parser accepts all regular wiki syntax, but additionally the $ ... $' syntax. Additionally, the ``inline_latex` formatter supports $$....$$ style formulas (still limited to a single line though!) which puts the formula into a paragraph on its own.

Note: in the nikola blog, this is directly accomplished by using ReST : \$\\lambda\$ = $lambda$