homebrew cask : updating an existing cask

  • A new version of owncloud is out, I will try today to push that new infomation to http://caskroom.io/

  • I will base things on my contribution

  • set-up variables

    cd $(brew --prefix)/Library/Taps/caskroom/homebrew-cask
    git remote -v
  • creating a new branch for his project

    git branches
    git remote add $github_user https://github.com/$github_user/homebrew-cask
    git checkout $project
  • finding my information

    cd /tmp
    wget https://download.owncloud.com/desktop/stable/ownCloud-
    sha256sum ownCloud-
    sha256sum ownCloud- | pbcopy
    brew cask edit owncloud
    brew cask install owncloud
    brew cask audit $project  --download
  • publishing results

    git status
    git commit -am"upgrading owncloud"
    git push $github_user $project
  • confirm the pull request

    open https://github.com/$github_user/homebrew-cask
  • come back to the master branch

    git checkout master
  • in the meanwhile, I will wait till the change has been merged and gets approval such that owncloud is updated!