WP4 report : NeuroTools support for the synthesis of random textured dynamical stimuli

In the context of BrainScales, we have developed a library to synthesize stimuli targeted at the characterization of motion perception. This process took the following steps:

  • creation of the library using python and linked with the development of NeuroTools,

  • documentation of this library along with a mathematical description, published in the Journal of Neurophysiology, while this stimuli were at the basis of a paper published in Nature Neuroscience (both acknowledging BrainScaleS)

  • dissemination of this tool by creating a dedicated webpage associated to the "neuralensemble organization" which also host neo and pyNN.

These steps were recently described in deliverable D4-1.1: https://brainscales.kip.uni-heidelberg.de/jss/FileStore/dI_1548/BrainScaleS_DeliverableD4-1.1.pdf (requires authentification).