inkscape native


This post is certainly obsolete...

  • build dependencies

    sudo port install autoconf automake
    sudo port install librsvg libwpd libwpg libcroco
    sudo port install libxslt boost boehmgc gtkmm lcms intltool popt
    sudo port install cairo +quartz+no_x11 cairomm pango +quartz+no_x11 poppler +quartz gtk2 +quartz
    sudo port install gsl
    sudo port install hicolor-icon-theme
    sudo port install subversion
    sudo port install libxml2 libxslt
    # optional to speed up the compiling process:
    sudo port install ccache
    export CC="ccache gcc"
    export CXX="ccache g++"
  • getting the sources

    cd tmp
    svn co inkscape
    cd inkscape/packaging/macosx/
  • compile

    # Edit the file to remove the configure option --enable-osxapp
    # (line 24)
    # I used TextWrangler for this, pico or another command line editor will do the same.
    # Back to the terminal:
    # configure it:
    sudo ./ c
    # build it:
    sudo ./ b
    # install it:
    sudo ./ i
    # test it:

    compiles ok :-), but crashes rather rapidly :-(


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