Why methods and tools are the key to artificial brain-like systems


This session aims at presenting new ideas that emerged during the first years of BrainScaleS. Indeed, the collaborations that were initiated within the consortium led to the creation of novel tools as planned in the proposal but also some of which were unforeseen, like the Motion Clouds that we presented previously. We present here some prototypical and inspiring examples of such collaborative work on: 1) tool chains from experimental (Davison), computational (Antolik) or integrative (Petrovici) perspectives, 2) original methods inspired by novel types of analysis for propagating waves (Schmidt, Muller) or by novel magnetrodes (Pannetier Lecoeur).

Mar 21, 2013 12:00 AM
3rd BrainScaleS Plenary Meeting - Friday, March 21st, 2013
Laurent U Perrinet
Laurent U Perrinet
Researcher in Computational Neuroscience

My research interests include Machine Learning and computational neuroscience applied to Vision.