2010-05-27 : Neurocomp08

La deuxième conférence française de Neurosciences Computationnelles, Neurocomp08, s'est déroulée à la Faculté de Médecine de Marseille du 8 au 11 octobre 2008.

Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level

Despite the long and fruitful history of neuroscience, a global, multi-level description of cardinal brain functions is still far from reach. Using analytical or numerical approaches, emphComputational Neuroscience aims at the emergence of such …

Proceedings of the second french conference on Computational Neuroscience, Marseille

Computational Neuroscience: From Representations to Behavior

Computational Neuroscience: From Representations to Behavior, the Second NeuroComp Marseille Workshop.

PyNN: A Common Interface for Neuronal Network Simulators

Computational neuroscience has produced a diversity of software for simulations of networks of spiking neurons, with both negative and positive consequences. On the one hand, each simulator uses its own programming or configuration language, leading …


Topics in Dynamical Neural Networks: From Large Scale Neural Networks to Motor Control and Vision

Coding static natural images using spiking event times: do neurons cooperate?

To understand possible strategies of temporal spike coding in the central nervous system, we study functional neuromimetic models of visual processing for static images. We will first present the retinal model which was introduced by Van Rullen and …