homebrew cask (level 0): contributing a new cask

  • preparing by forking the

    cd $(brew --prefix)/Library/Taps/phinze-cask
    echo $github_user
    git remote add $github_user https://github.com/$github_user/homebrew-cask
  • create, then install / edit cycle

    brew cask create $project
    brew cask install $project
    brew cask edit $project
    brew cask install $project
    brew cask audit $project  --download
  • publishing results

    git status
    git checkout -b $project
    git add Casks/$project.rb
    git commit -v
    git push $github_user $project
  • confirm the pull request

    open https://github.com/$github_user/homebrew-cask
  • result is https://github.com/phinze/homebrew-cask/pull/1530

  • come back to the master branch

    git checkout master
  • this was easy! ... but wait, I :doc:`mystyped <2013-11-09-homebrew-cask-(level-1)-correcting-a-pull-request>` something...

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 59); backlink

    "2013-11-09-homebrew-cask-level-1-correcting-a-pull-request" slug doesn't exist.


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