Sparse Approximation of Images Inspired from the Functional Architecture of the Primary Visual Areas

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
  • relies on log-Gabor filters:
    Schematic structure of the primary visual cortex implemented in the present study. Simple cortical cells are modeled through log-Gabor functions. They are organized in pairs in quadrature of phase (dark-gray circles). For each position the set of different orientations compose a pinwheel (large light-gray circles). The retinotopic organization induces that adjacent spatial positions are arranged in adjacent pinwheels. Inhibition interactions occur towards the closest adjacent positions which are in the direc-tions perpendicular to the cell preferred orientation and toward adjacent orientations (light-red connections). Facilitation occurs to-wards co-aligned cells up to a larger distance (dark-blue connections).
Laurent U Perrinet
Laurent U Perrinet
Researcher in Computational Neuroscience

My research interests include Machine Learning and computational neuroscience applied to Vision.