Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level


Despite the long and fruitful history of neuroscience, a global, multi-level description of cardinal brain functions is still far from reach. Using analytical or numerical approaches, emphComputational Neuroscience aims at the emergence of such common principles by using concepts from Dynamical Systems and Information Theory. The aim of this Special Issue of the Journal of Physiology (Paris) is to reflect the latest advances in this field which has been presented during the NeuroComp08 conference that took place in October 2008 in Marseille (France). By highlighting a selection of works presented at the conference, we wish to illustrate the intrinsic diversity of this field of research but also the need of an unification effort that is becoming more and more necessary to understand the brain in its full complexity, from multiple levels of description to a multi-level understanding.

Journal of Physiology-Paris
Laurent U Perrinet
Laurent U Perrinet
Researcher in Computational Neuroscience

My research interests include Machine Learning and computational neuroscience applied to Vision.