ANR PRIOSENS (2021/2025)

A fundamental goal of systems neuroscience is to describe how sensory inputs are integrated and guide an animal’s behavior. To be able to integrate these inputs, early sensory systems have developed selectivities for specific stimulus features that allow them to analyze the inputs using these features as basis. We aim to uncover how disparate motion signals are integrated to produce a global percept of motion, and to understand the conditions in which such integration fails. Our proposal reflects the fact that adaptive behaviors in complex environments face numerous challenges, from processing noisy and uncertain visual motion information to predict future events on target trajectory contingencies and its interactions with a dynamic, cluttered environment. We propose to use dynamic inference as an efficient theoretical framework to understand how the brain integrates Prior knowledges elaborated from statistical regularities of natural environments with different sources of information across different time scales in order to extract relevant motion information from the sensory flow and predict future events or actions. The smooth pursuit system is an excellent probe of such hierarchical dynamical inferences from target motion computation to target trajectory prediction. In marmosets, we have access to populations of neurons in pivotal cortical areas along the occipito-parieto- frontal network that have been identified in non-human and human primates. We seek to uncover a unifying empirical and theoretical framework to capture inference across different time scales.

  • With Guilhem Ibos, Guillaume Masson & Nicholas Priebe.

Aim 3, modelling behavioural and neuronal data within the active inference framework

  • Type de contrat : CRCNS US-French Research Proposal - ANR-CRCNS-2020
  • Durée: 4 ans, à partir du 1er novembre 2020 - prolongatio au 10/2025
  • Budget total (partenaire français): 341 k€
  • to be recruited: Post-doctoral fellow: A post-post-doctoral fellow in computational neuroscience will be recruited. With a 2-5 years experience, salary cost is of 52K€/year, for 2 years (total: 104K€).
  • Coordinateur Scientifique : MONTAGNINI, Anna & PERRINET Laurent (UMR7289)
  • Responsable Scientifique INT : MASSON Guillaume (UMR7289)


This work was supported by ANR project “PRIOSENS” N° ANR-20-NEUC-0002.

Laurent U Perrinet
Laurent U Perrinet
Researcher in Computational Neuroscience

My research interests include Machine Learning and computational neuroscience applied to Vision.