Wahiba Taouali

Wahiba Taouali

PostDoc in Computational Neuroscience

Motion Integration By V1 Population (Post-Doc, 2013-03 / 2015-01)


Wahiba hold the postdoctoral position at the “Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone”, CNRS, Marseille (France) to study object motion integration and representation at the level of V1 populations:

  • The objective is in modeling, with Laurent Perrinet, anisotropic diffusive processes, such as observed in V1, at the functional and neural levels.
  • The work was done in collaboration with a post-doc in physiology, with Frédéric Chavane, that focused on the role of propagation and diffusion of activity at the level of neuronal population in V1 of awake monkeys (using Voltage-sensitive dye imaging and UTAH array recording).

Wahiba is now scientific software developper at Enthought.


This grant was funded by a large European integrated project called BrainScales whose aim is to understand brain information processing at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to interact with a large and exciting consortium composed of 18 europeans teams working in biology, modeling and hardware.


  • PostDoc in Computational Neuroscience, 2016

    Aix-Marseille Université

  • PostDoc in Computational Neuroscience, 2013

    Aix-Marseille Université